Monday, November 30, 2009

Old School Dallesandro

And by "old" I mean old ... Joe Dallesandro, the sexy hot and frequently nekkid (!) underground film star back in the Warhol hey-days, yeah he's old now. I really wouldn't care to see any of his naked parts anymore, past 60 years and the naughty bits really ought to stay hidden. But damn, he was really most excellent fodder for whacking off back then if I had been of age, I'd reckon. Of course now that I am of age and then some, fortunately the pics and flicks of the Dallesandro glory days remain and yep, work for me. Never really showed a bulge from what I can tell, except of course for the famous Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album cover, eportedly Joe's package. You know what the Stones said, though, you can't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Prince Willy

It has been about a year, I think, since I first saw this most shocking of royal scandals, Prince William taking a piss with cock on full display ... somehow apparently witless to or maybe just unconcerned about the perpetual plethora of pursuant picture-snapping paparazzi (I love alliteration), routine to anytime a royal steps outside the castle gate. I'm not proud to admit it, but I did enjoy seeing the pics, however, and I still do. I should have some modicum of respect for royalty I suppose, but really, I just wanted to see his dick. I'm not British, to me he's just another nekkid celeb guy. Plus I always thought he was sexy after he grew up and into his looks, so yeah. Of course, Prince Harry has turned into quite a little hottie himself, I'd say passing up even his bro. Wouldn't mind taking a gander at what he's packing, either.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That Taylor Vampire Guy With The Big Bulge

If not for the rampant frenzy surrounding these teenybopper vampires as of late, what with the Twilight and now the New Moon ruckus, this guy Taylor Lautner would remain Taylor Who to me. Never heard of him, excepting for seeing him lately on the talk show circuit plugging away. And frankly, speaking of him plugging, I can't say that I'd mind too much that! From the look of that bulge he's packing, well ... I should say no more, really. Already said too much, inappropriate and I should take it all back, figuring that I just now learned in checking him out (other than that lump in his pants) that he has another couple of months yet to be legal. So I'll shut up for now, but if he's old enough for sucking blood now, well ... I'm just sayin'. Until then, no harm in clicking.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh No! Mo' Cristiano Ronaldo

I stand by my previous assertion about Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo. I couldn't care one whit about his soccer god superstardom, or the male modeling thing (that one is certainly a headscratcher!) He's just plain goofy looking. But he is certainly crotchwatch worthy as I've said before, with that always-out-there bulging. I do enjoy that, very much. These are definitely clickworthy, the bigger the bulge the better!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who Knew Voodoo?

Academy, that is. As in Voodoo Academy, the movie from a few years back. Lame, lame and did I mention lame? But I'm a sucker for low-budget horror flicks, fun to watch, I can't answer why exactly. Particularly this one fun, lots of young muscular guys, writhing around in their underwear, rubbing their cock bulges ... all for no apparent reason I can tell. The plot of the story, the headmaster (heh heh, I said 'headmaster') of the academy's nefarious plan to use the boys enrolled there to resurrect Satan. Somehow. I dunno, it really makes no sense, and why all the crotch self-loving helps to that end, who knows? But however it helps or doesn't, Satan resurrected or no, it does help keeping the movie worth watching. Or maybe that's just me, hottie boys in underwear are a fetish thingy for me anyway. And as always, me lovin' the bulgin'! Like this here video ...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fifteen Minutes of Bulge Fame

Another diversion this Friday, sometimes my regular bulge fetish takes over. No famous faces, bodies or bulges here (as far as I know, except for that one guy who I think was a porn star back when ... don't remember his name) but nonetheless some fine bulges in jeans. A favorite of mine, the jeans thing. Cock-hugging denim bulges do it for me every time. Anyway, not just celebrity crotch deserves its fifteen minutes of fame! I kind of like the long-haired stoner guy for some reason, don't really know why, but he looks like he'd be fun. Probably old and ugly now, but still, I think he was oddly cute in this picture.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mario In Motion

Yeah, Mario Lopez is hot in a cutesy sort of way, everyone thinks so. I could do without that boyish face and the dimples, myself. He's practically middle-aged already and still looks like he might be summoned to Mr. Belding's office for something or another. Okay, maybe I'm just jealous, him aging so well. He is boyishly cute, but no denying that from the neck down he is all grown up, all man, all sex. His body, his bulge ... his bouncing bulge ... that dick flopping around ... a bit distracting, so who cares what's from the neck up anyway?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whoa Santonio

I've mentioned before how I enjoy the football, I do! And not just because of the boys rough-housing about in their tight bulging pants, either. But Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Santonio Holmes, I have more reason to admire than his Super Bowl MVP win a couple of years ago ... take a gander at the last picture below, click for a better view. Damn, you'd need to be a wide receiver yourself, too, to take that dick up your ass! I would sure be willing give it a try, though.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dick of Dorff

I first remember seeing Stephen Dorff in the Aerosmith video Cryin' way back when. If I remember correctly, and I'm too lazy to check really, Alicia Silverstone co-starred in that same video with the Dorff man. Whatever, I thought he was sexy as fuck then. After, I caught reruns of sitcoms he'd guest starred in younger, and hell, who knew? I checked out his filmography which is almost as big as his dick. Stephen Dorff has been in more movies than I'd have known, I've seen none of them.

Except for when I found out he starred fully and frontally nude in Shadowboxer a few years ago, had to see that one. Of course I waited until I could rent it, the better to pause and zoom. Couple of nice beach bulge pics of him here, but the goodies inside that package from Shadowboxer follow, responsibly condom-clad but still some nice cock shots. I'd bend over for him any day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Thing That Makes You Go Hmmmm ...

Who is this player? I don't know. Team? Not a clue. I do watch soccer, though, just not a huge fan as other sports. But I'm sure he's a celebrity of some sort. I kind of like watching the games, though ... the guys running around many bulges bouncing around in the shorts, yep. Bulges R Us. Then there are those, like this bloke, with an apparent penchant for going commando. A freeballing accident just waiting to happen, that is, as proven here. Next time this dude might reconsider. Somehow I find this entertaining, though, even though his dick looks kind of skinny.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hanging Chad of the Kroeger Sort

I become annoyed when some folks diss Chad Kroeger of Nickelback as being unsexy because, well, I think he's hotter than fuck! Certainly he is indeed my type, so what if he looks a bit unkempt, grungy maybe even a little bit dirty (one can only dream)? I personally find the sort mucho caliente. And by mucho, I mean like hellfire hot. Doesn't hurt either that I have that Chad Kroeger bulge to drool over, too. Kind of wouldn't mind literally drooling over it, as in all over it, if you know what I mean. Damn.

So to each his own, I suppose, but this guy puts a rise in my Levis, that's for sure. Okay, so the last picture here is not a bulge pic, granted ... but probably still one of the sexiest ones anyway, the shirt off, the jeans pulled down just to there, yep, that one makes my jeans a little bit snug in the crotch just as much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Superman Soulja Boy's Crank

Where the hell have I been not to be so current about the bulge newsfront to have been unaware of these pictures of Soulja Boy's exhibitionist self from last summer ... LAST SUMMER! ... self-promoting his baby arm stiff dick stuffed inside the boxer briefs? I'm slipping, but better late than never. Of course, probably a valid excuse is that I am no fan (in fact, is there such a thing as an anti-fan?) so that might explain it. But I don't have to like the dude to like what he's packing in the bulge department. Okay, it's not that awfully impressive, really, simply due to whom that rod belongs, but hey, I can forget about that long enough to enjoy it some I suppose. I'm just annoyed that I went unaware for this long.

Anyway ... so what is with the stupidity of all these celeb and quasi-celeb guys, the Pete Wentz fallout boy thing comes to mind, snapping their own cellphone shots of themselves and their privates then claiming, oh yeah, I only sent it to one person, never meant for it to be seen really. Right ... big dicks, big egos, small brains, bad liars.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bouncing Bulge of Ballack

All righty then. So you don't have to be a soccer fan to appreciate or be lustfully aware already of the sport's superstar Michael Ballack's always flopping bulge. The boy doesn't know the meaning of support, but I'm certainly not complaining. I enjoy greatly ogling him sporting such a big package. Yep, the pics and flicks of the bulge that is Ballack are numerous and have apparently quite the fan club following, myself included, but always worth a refresher. Personally, I could watch the end bouncing bulge video here below (and admittedly have) more times than is probably healthy, but I really have no explanation other than it is just so damn bulgetastic how can I resist?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Duchovny Flashback, Still Red Hot

It's not that I'm prone to living in the past, really, but some moments are simply too classic to not warrant a second (or second hundredth) look-see. Like David Duchovny's X-Files' red Speedo moment. The man is without doubt never shy about flaunting his prominent bulge, whenever and whatever the situation, but this scene must be the defining example of Duchovny's bulging showing off.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aaron Tippin, Exception to the Rule

You know how sometimes (well, often really) when a guy no matter how much you might have panted after the bulge in his pants years ago in his younger days suddenly gets old and then you really kind of avoid even looking anywhere near the crotch vicinity at all anymore for fear of maybe throwing up a little bit in your mouth because there's nothing worse than an ancient saggy ball sack flopping around down there and somehow the lust has turned to loathing but then again there are exceptions to every rule and someone that no matter how much older he gets almost seems to get hotter and bulgier with age and you still get off on his obvious package bulging as captivating as ever. My exception to the old man rule, exhibitionistic freeballing country music superstar Aaron Tippin, I still want me some of that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nice Sac, Zac!

I do not enjoy Zac Efron's body of work, that High School Musical nonsense. I do enjoy his own self's body, however! Damn, that boy is indeed a hottie. Most often I don't really get all tingly about shirtless celebrities like some folks, no matter how sexy the guy, but Zac is certainly my exception. Just imagine the goings on in my pants what with the shirtlessness and the nice bulging going on in these here shots! I wouldn't mind giving him a hand there in this last one, what with the crotch grabbing and such.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brawny Bulge Classic

I actually, back when this was current, was somewhat obsessed with the guy's bulge in this Brawny paper towel commercial. So much that I probed about (hehe, I said "probed") and found out his name and any other credentials (like he really needed any before sporting his meat package here!)

But, alas, I have too few brain cells still functioning to recall such things now, nor do I really care so much as to try to remember again. After all, I enjoy just as much even now watching again this broadcast blurb just to check out his very nice to-the-right-stuffed cock and balls bulge nearing the end of the commercial. Happy Birthday, indeed!

Plus is there any denying, even before the crotch shot ending, the not-so-subtle sexual undertones (overtones really ... nothing much subliminal here.) With all the wiping up of white goo everywhere, if nothing else it's made clear a Brawny paper towel would make a most excellent and absorbent cum rag.