Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That Taylor Vampire Guy With The Big Bulge

If not for the rampant frenzy surrounding these teenybopper vampires as of late, what with the Twilight and now the New Moon ruckus, this guy Taylor Lautner would remain Taylor Who to me. Never heard of him, excepting for seeing him lately on the talk show circuit plugging away. And frankly, speaking of him plugging, I can't say that I'd mind too much that! From the look of that bulge he's packing, well ... I should say no more, really. Already said too much, inappropriate and I should take it all back, figuring that I just now learned in checking him out (other than that lump in his pants) that he has another couple of months yet to be legal. So I'll shut up for now, but if he's old enough for sucking blood now, well ... I'm just sayin'. Until then, no harm in clicking.

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