Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Axel Garret, My First Bulge Crush

I swear to God I could not for the life of me remember this guy's name, Axel Garret, the gay porn star. I could imagine what he looked like and even some of the flicks I had seen him in, finally it came to me. Hate when that happens, trying to remember something forgotten like that. Anyway, doesn't look like he's still doing porn, probably too old now. Wikiporn shows he was active from 1991 through 2003.

Which would match up with why I have a thing I have about Axel Garret, he was one of the first of when I started perusing the Internet in the early 90s for some bulge hotiness. Loved the way his hard cock showed in those Spandex shots I ran across. I think it was only after that I even thought to scope him out on video, but for whatever reason, he still gets me hard looking at these.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Joe, Big Bulge

I thought I had posted this before but I guess it was on the blog that got taken down, I still think it's hot. I for one always loved watching Bonanza reruns, mostly for the bulge factor always quite prominently displayed by the young and hot Michael Landon. Little Joe's bulge reason always to watch, but this one episode Five Into The Wind was particularly hot, mostly because he clearly has at least a semi hard-on in this scene! Don't bother with the full 10 minutes, the biggest and bestest and bulgiest part is between the 25 and 45 seconds. If it's too dark to see, lighten up your screen, it's worth a look-see...

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Post on Underwear Bulge Blog

Only a single post so far, but starting up a new blog for guys into guys in underwear. Some nice hard-on undie bulges to start things off. Click here to check it out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hard and Thick and Fab Fabiano

For being the most popular sport in the world, soccer on this side of the pond for whatever reason just never quite takes off. Shame we miss out on so much, like Fabiano Borges here, with his nice thick slab of man meat at full attention and on full display for Brazil's G magazine. Bet he looks fine in full soccer kit, too, probably a nice package in those shorts... yeah, I need to get to Googling. He's just plain hot!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bulging Bo's Big Boners

One of my most favorite shows from back in the day is The Dukes of Hazzard, one can only imagine why what with all those tight and bulging jeans, particularly Bo Duke's cock straining at the painted on britches of his! Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, guess he never could make up his mind. I'm guessing that John "Bo" Schneider intentionally flaunted his package, always so obvious.

Nah, couldn't have cared less about the pseudo-plots of the series, but watched regularly (and these days in reruns, faithfully) to catch those busting out jeans. Countless examples, like these two screen shots below ... but my favorite of all is the video following these here, with Loretta Lynn visiting Hazzard. I swear to God Bo is getting a hard-on here, seems to grow bigger as Ms. Lynn disembarks; must have a thing for the coal miner's daughter!