Friday, December 25, 2009

Brent Everett Holiday Hottie!

Brent Everett, if you are not aware, is a Canadian gay porn actor. Seeing as how he's been in a whopping fourteen-plus flics since '03 I'd reckon you might have heard of him. Or seen him dicking around online. Speaking of whopping, he's got a nice whopper cock! Nice bod, too bad about those teeth, though. Anyhoo, for your holiday viewing pleasure, whip it out and whack it off, you'll get over his goofy looks I swear. Don't know why exactly, but I think he is a hottie anyway. I'm supposing it must have something to do with that dick, and the bulging underwear, a fetish.

[Update 1/9/10... For whatever reason the video has been down, I don't know why it would have been removed for any reason since this guy has posted videos of himself all over, but I'm sure if you head on over to and do a search you'll still find plenty of him there. And I do mean plenty.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mmmmm, Bacon

Kevin Bacon and that bulging cock always on display. I watched the movie Footloose more times than I can count, not just for the so-so story line, but to watch over and over Kevin in his tight jeans and bulging crotch. Showed some nice bulge action in Tremors too. Weird that I never saw this movie Wild Things considering full on frontal nudity here. I guess this would probably be the best part of the movie anyway, showing off the best part of Kevin Bacon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'd Do Duhamel

Photog Greg Gorman's book As I See It surprises me still, how that he got guys like Josh Duhamel, for example, to bear it all cock and balls hanging out there. Duhamel seems a bit arrogant to me, not really a fan, but yeah, his hottiness can't be argued. He is cute, it's just that he knows it. Cocky bastard. Speaking of which, from the book ...

Yeah, Josh Duhamel he's good-looking, has a killer bod and sure I'd like to get busy with that dick! Kind of makes my mouth water. I suppose I could tolerate a shitty personality to get me some of that. Plus he fills out a pair of trunks pretty well, too, nice bulge. Used to be a video floating around from some movie, showing him in pair of shorts, bulge full on display, diving into a pool, wet. Yum. Seems it's nowhere to be found, removed due to violation of whatever the hell. But yeah, there are still the stills! Not quite the same but it'll have to do.

Friday, December 4, 2009

No-Name Vintage Bulges

After going old school with Dallesandro the other day, got me to thinking. Sure Joe Dallesandro was smack dab in the midst of that all-sex era in the late sixties, flashing cock in most of his movies and pics. I think (not sure, too lazy to confirm, so sue me) that in one flick he even took a dick up his ass. Or maybe that's just a fantasy thing I made up, I could be wrong.

But pre-JD - going really really old school, were all those models in the fag rags of the time, under guise of a legit magazines ... bodybuilding and stuff. Truth be told barely (pun intended) passing not being called porn, there might not have been nudity but everything just short of it! Posing straps? C'mon, particularly those mostly seen through. Cock and balls galore, vintage style, when things were more proper. Of course, some were just beefcake shots for jerking off to, but still funny somehow pretending to be proper.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rockin' That '70s Bulge

Ah, the 1970s ... the styles, the clothes, the music, the bulges! Whatever was up with the tight poly-pants in the '70s I'm not sure, but I do enjoy the way they wore them always tight. A bulging package was practically a mandatory accessory it seems! Personally, I always did like this song (confession time) but never recall seeing the actual video. I would have remembered, believe me, Andy Kim showing off quite a nice cock bulge. I'd have rocked him gently, slowly, however he'd have wanted it.