Friday, March 26, 2010

Soccer's Ivan Helguera's Big Fat Cock

Iván Helguera...I've said before I don't understand why soccer hasn't taken off here in the U.S. like it has everywhere else. Personally, I enjoy a good game mostly to watch the guys' cocks and balls bouncing around in those shorts, gets me horny. Score indeed, that's what I'd like to do with some of them. So this Iván Helguera guy is a Spanish footballer, Wikipedia says he's also a free agent for now. I could take care of some of that free time. The article says a lot about him, other than that he has this huge fat cock. They always leave out something important.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Forgotten Dick

I ran across this picture that I've kept forever, as a reminder to see this movie The Dreamers because that is Michael Pitt's dick in it. I couldn't have just made a Post-It note or something like that instead, of course. Anyway, neither one would have done me any good since I never did see it, and would have forgotten about it completely except I have to clean up some old crap from the computer and found this. I like Michael Pitt as an actor, I saw him first in the movie Bully, he's just cute. So is his dick, sort of cute is all, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Maybe Netflix has The Dreamers, I should probably watch it after all.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

70s Music Video Bulge, Magic Man

A musical bulge diversion from back in the day. God, I love this video of Heart's "Magic Man" from the 1970s. It played quite a bit on VH1 Classic's Rock Fest awhile back, and I always either watched or listened until I heard it come on so I could see the major bulge in the guitar player's tight white pants! I know this video isn't best quality, but it's still worth watching whether you're a Heart fan, 70s rock fan, whatever, as long as you're a bulge fan it's very hot. Watch the guitar player to the right of the screen in the white pants, you can't miss his bulge and fortunately there are some close-ups during the solos! Keep an eye out on VH1 Classic when Rock Fest is on, too, you'll no doubt catch this at some point, in better quality. If it's still on; I don't get cable anymore so...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Aaron Tippin, Never Disappoints a Bulge Watcher

The deal with country music star Aaron Tippin is, that the older he gets he still stays fucking sexy as hell. He has always, though, whatever age, showed off some major dick bulging in his jeans. If I had the money to bet, I'd put it on freeballing, no doubt. He does seem to enjoy showing it off, too, fine by me! Early on in his career if I remember correctly (don't have any pics of that and too lazy to look) he always wore his cock down his right leg, but always to the left anymore. My favorite here... the Truckers magazine cover, the first one. No way in hell Tippin didn't know he was on full display, apparently the magazine editors liked it enough to leave it. Of any guy I could see nude, I would probably like to get a gander at that cock of his.