Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Starless Diversion

All right, give me a break. No bulge-flaunting celebrity dudes here, I know. I said I know! Actually, I wouldn't know either way, not a big track and field guy. I'm more football and Nascar, but I do watch a match if I happen across one while channel-surfing on weekends.

Like I said, not a fan, really, but can't bring myself to change the channel. Like earlier this afternoon. I wonder why not? Ah, indeed. The always revealing, cock hugging lycra onsies or whatever they're called, can't avert my eyes. Track and field is I suppose if nothing else, certainly a most excellent spectator sport.

So yeah, some of these guys here in this bulge-fest might be celebrity in their own right, but either way, like I said, give me a break here. Even the unknowns, from the look of their bulging packages, seem to be up and coming!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Big Brother (I Think)

I think this is from the Big Brother reality series, of the UK version, from a few seasons ago. I could be wrong, but I know it's from some reality thingy like that from across the pond. Hell, I'm so bored with our own version of that lame-ass show, I'm not even sure it's still around.

Whatever, no doubt the Brits came up with it first anyway and no doubt did it better, we're always riding on someone or another's coattails when it comes to programming, not so much original over here. Then we usually fuck it up, but that's just us in general, it's in our nature.

Hey, anyway ... don't recall seeing so much impressive cockage bulging out on our networks in our own sea to shining sea version of the program as this here! Nice big morning wood bulge, and the guy's cute, too. Plus, I have a thing for the English accent ... so a perfect package all around, so to speak.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big or Small, I Fancy Nadal

Yeah, I have a thing for a nice bulge, and not always necessarily of the huge variety. Not even so big, really. I'd more so rather see a somewhat modest bulge on a hottie I have a thing for (Rafael Nadal) than a ginormous strap-your-dick-to-your-leg protuberance on someone like, say, I don't know, some fat fuck (Ron Jeremy.)

So my imaginary boyfriend Rafael doesn't usually show much bulge action, but occasionally there might be a glimpse of what's packing under those silly looking longjohn shorts he wears on the tennis court. And yep, it works just fine for me such as it is. He's a fine fine young man, he is, any crotch shot proving whatever bulge is just a perk to the rest of his enjoyable self!

Of course, clicking the pics does make it bigger, nothing wrong with that either.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stroke Indeed

Confession, I owned the Billy Squier Don't Say No album (yes, the vinyl kind) back in the day; actually the music still holds up all these many years later. More than a quarter of a century later, yikes. Of course, maybe I just might be getting old, but I still think it rocks. Whatever.

I might even have bought the 8-track for travel tuneage in my old pickup truck, don't remember for sure, though. What I do remember for certain is watching this video on MTV when the "M" actually stood for "music," watching Billy prancing around (perhaps a little too prancy, really) with that bulge in his pants capturing my full attention! Had a few strokes to this myself, he was kind of sexy in his younger days.

(Kind of crap quality video, but click Menu and Original Size, it's a bit better.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Wonder So Merry!

So Mister Dominic Monaghan, Lord of the Rings fame as Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck, looks to be sporting quite the impressive package for such a lowly hobbit, methinks. His bulge looks huge! Who knew from the Shire such eye-candy?

I will admit to my ignorance here, but until recently I didn't realize he was that dude on the TV series Lost, nor that he is now cast on that new FlashForward show. Not a fan of either. Might start watching, though, now that I know. Even if the show sucks and proves to be not worth watching, at least it might provide for some decent crotchwatching!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo: Waist Down Only, Please

So here's my deal with soccer-star-slash-model Cristiano Ronaldo ... I think he's just plain goofy looking. Very dufus despite his past modeling success. Go figure. I suppose he must photograph well or some such thing, or maybe just lots of the Photoshopping. Whatever. No one can ignore his exemplary soccer skills, though. Nor can one ignore that ever-present bulge in his pants! So who really cares what he looks like from the waist up anyway? I'm perfectly happy concentrating on that cock bulge down below!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Return of the Bulges

New beginnings, I suppose. All of my previous oh-so-hard work sharing my celebrity bulge finds, zapped just like it never existed (, POOF, gone!) Crotchwatching all for naught.

What the fuck? At least I'm not alone ... seems that Google decided that they would randomly and without notice or even warning, wipe out thousands of blogger blogs in one fell swoop after finding some malware in a handful of their member blogs. No explanation, other than any tinkering with HTML third party stuff was suspect and presumed bad bad bad, unfairly since mine and most others were perfectly fine. Didn't even leave us blog owners access to our own content. Not cool, Google dudes.

Whatever, I rant. Anyway, like I said, though, new beginnings now. Just to get things up and running again, I'll pick things back up tomorrow. Cum again!