Monday, May 17, 2010

Crotchwatching Alex O...

Alex O'Loughlin or Alex O'Lachlan? Jeez, depending on where you search for him online he apparently goes both ways, the Aussie actor from this movie down below, Oyster Farmer. Also from the new Backup Plan movie with Jennifer Lopez, which apparently he has gone full-on O'Loughlin for. Either way... check out the Aussie Alex O's "down under" parts in this video! I do like me some dick in the underwear, I tell ya what. The bulge just right under that bit of thin fabric, probably one of my majorest turn-ons! I guess "majorest" isn't a word, should be.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bunch of Beckham Bulges

Always a pleasure to see some David Beckham's huge bulge, eh? All right, it's not so huge at all, but he is one fine, sexy man, and Victoria is one lucky lady. Beckham seems to have been on the talk show circuit quite a bit lately, I suppose because of his gimpy injury or what-not, so everyone knows he's still alive and might play again. I really don't care if he plays or not, so far as the game of soccer goes, but it would be a shame to miss him on the field bouncing around his bulge anymore. Get well soon, Becks, more crotch shots, please! Click away .....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Dick Paul Dawson's Shortbus Self-suck Scene

Speaking of movie cum, this one tops (so to speak) even the Caligula orgy scene from the other day. Why haven't I heard of this movie Shortbus? I think it sort of sounds familiar, but certainly I don't think I heard very much about it. For being at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, and apparently winning plenty of awards I'd have thought more of a fuss would have been made of it. Actually, the story line sounds like I would enjoy it anyway, but the total full-blown (heh) sex parts of it look hot! Also why haven't I heard of this actor Paul Dawson before, either, although I guess he hasn't been in so much to have seen him, a few TV gigs mostly from what I can tell. But damn, this is one hot scene, whacking off his big cock, cumming a load of jizz into his own mouth. Self-suck is always a turn-on, this one scene is especially hot! I shall have to put Shortbus on my short list of must-sees. Nothing short going on here, that's for sure... Paul Dawson looks sort of uncomfortable, though, bent over himself like that; I would gladly volunteer to take over, with a mouthful of that cock and a load of that cum, yeah.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Caligula Unedited Orgy Scene, Now With Cum!

That movie Caligula... I always wanted to see it. Only because when it was released in 1979 I was a teenager, and of course the buzz was about all the graphic sex in it; what teenaged boy wouldn't wanna? Also some gay sex, but frankly at that age any sex would do. Problem was most of the versions were so heavily edited, I couldn't figure out what the big to-do was all about. Until just last year, I was reading something about the movie, figured I would check it out at the library and, who knew the library lent porn??? The totally uncensored version, complete with so much nudity and explicit sex it honestly was startling that this was a mainstream film. And that John Gielgud, Peter O'Toole, Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, all starred in it. Pure porn, no doubt about it, which should be no surprise since Penthouse's Bob Guccione helped produce it, but still... man. So there was plenty of man-man action (or man-boy, it was ancient Rome after all)but the hottest scene is this one, even though too many girls, yikes. Probably I think it's the hottest because it is the one scene where the dude actually blows his load on film. Action, indeed! (The sound is way out of synch here, just a heads up. So to speak.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Decathalons Not My Thing, Big Cock Bulges Are!

Aleksandr Pogorelov is a Russian decathlete. Who knew? Decathalons are not my thing, believe it or not, but big cock bulges sure are! I should watch more sport, I suppose, especially those with guys wearing crotch-hugging lycra get-ups like this here. Not bad to look at either, very handsome guy he is.

Watch random guy live on cam now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Soccer's Ivan Helguera's Big Fat Cock

Iván Helguera...I've said before I don't understand why soccer hasn't taken off here in the U.S. like it has everywhere else. Personally, I enjoy a good game mostly to watch the guys' cocks and balls bouncing around in those shorts, gets me horny. Score indeed, that's what I'd like to do with some of them. So this Iván Helguera guy is a Spanish footballer, Wikipedia says he's also a free agent for now. I could take care of some of that free time. The article says a lot about him, other than that he has this huge fat cock. They always leave out something important.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Forgotten Dick

I ran across this picture that I've kept forever, as a reminder to see this movie The Dreamers because that is Michael Pitt's dick in it. I couldn't have just made a Post-It note or something like that instead, of course. Anyway, neither one would have done me any good since I never did see it, and would have forgotten about it completely except I have to clean up some old crap from the computer and found this. I like Michael Pitt as an actor, I saw him first in the movie Bully, he's just cute. So is his dick, sort of cute is all, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Maybe Netflix has The Dreamers, I should probably watch it after all.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

70s Music Video Bulge, Magic Man

A musical bulge diversion from back in the day. God, I love this video of Heart's "Magic Man" from the 1970s. It played quite a bit on VH1 Classic's Rock Fest awhile back, and I always either watched or listened until I heard it come on so I could see the major bulge in the guitar player's tight white pants! I know this video isn't best quality, but it's still worth watching whether you're a Heart fan, 70s rock fan, whatever, as long as you're a bulge fan it's very hot. Watch the guitar player to the right of the screen in the white pants, you can't miss his bulge and fortunately there are some close-ups during the solos! Keep an eye out on VH1 Classic when Rock Fest is on, too, you'll no doubt catch this at some point, in better quality. If it's still on; I don't get cable anymore so...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Aaron Tippin, Never Disappoints a Bulge Watcher

The deal with country music star Aaron Tippin is, that the older he gets he still stays fucking sexy as hell. He has always, though, whatever age, showed off some major dick bulging in his jeans. If I had the money to bet, I'd put it on freeballing, no doubt. He does seem to enjoy showing it off, too, fine by me! Early on in his career if I remember correctly (don't have any pics of that and too lazy to look) he always wore his cock down his right leg, but always to the left anymore. My favorite here... the Truckers magazine cover, the first one. No way in hell Tippin didn't know he was on full display, apparently the magazine editors liked it enough to leave it. Of any guy I could see nude, I would probably like to get a gander at that cock of his.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jeff Brazier Big Bulging Morning Wood

I suppose Jeff Brazier is a famous somebody somewhere, maybe quasi-famous is a better description. Probably better known in the UK since that's where he does whatever it is he does, but even then, Google doesn't bring up an awful lot. So I was surprised I ran across his name and actually recognized it, just couldn't place from where; it sounded so familiar, and famous even. Well, duh. No wonder I remembered the name, I had seen this video a few years ago and who could forget a big hard cock bulge like this? From a reality TV show over there, called The Farm (don't ask me, I dunno) I've never seen, but I'm a fan nonetheless. Waking up with morning wood hard-on, he with his cute bod and thick dick starting a new day... good morning to me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tony Ward, the Body and the Dick

I am not sure what Tony Ward might look like these days, and frankly I am afraid to even bother trying to find out. It has been a lot of years since he was so hot! You know, frankly he never did show much of a bulge, except for like the last picture here when he clearly had a bit of a hard-on, I'm pretty sure of it because his dick normally doesn't look so chubby in his nudes! So he doesn't have a huge monster cock, that's fine it suits him just fine as it is. And anyway, he was good enough for Madonna, he's gotta be doing something right! Big or small, though (and I'm not saying it's small, looks pretty good actually, just not ginormous) I'd get with him either way, Tony Ward is plain hot, his body, I want that! Or did, anyway. Like I said, haven't seen him recently, I think I'd prefer living in the past, to be safe.

Tony Ward nude movie here, the bathtub pic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jack, the Other White Meat

Whatever happened to the White Stripes anyway? I liked their music, although frankly the only one I can think of right now off the top of my head is Hotel Yorba. Now it will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I hate when that happens.

On the other hand, it does also bring to mind the massive bulge Jack White always seemed to proudly flaunt, stuffing that thick cock of his into ever-so-tight pants. Maybe they'll make a comeback, or at least him as solo act, never cared for that chick much. Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind at all watching him perform another kind of solo act on that monster dick of his, if nothing else, music or no.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Selective Soccer Bulges

That's why I watch, really. Soccer. For the bulges. I like a lot of other sports, and watch for the game, so I don't know why I really don't follow the teams or the stars or even the games, really, when it comes to soccer. The game is great. I mean, I like football, I like hockey, all of the games that are similar in the nature of things, but for some reason not so much into the soccer. I think the bulges are too distracting maybe, and I really don't know nor do I care who has possession of the ball! Too busy wanting to possess some of the other sort, bulging in the shorts. The only ones I know well, of course, are the ones I've posted pics of before... Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Ballack and then there is David Beckham of the game, which are really all the names I need to know. Here are some Beckham bulges, I am particularly fond of him indeed!

More David Beckham Here

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Axel Garret, My First Bulge Crush

I swear to God I could not for the life of me remember this guy's name, Axel Garret, the gay porn star. I could imagine what he looked like and even some of the flicks I had seen him in, finally it came to me. Hate when that happens, trying to remember something forgotten like that. Anyway, doesn't look like he's still doing porn, probably too old now. Wikiporn shows he was active from 1991 through 2003.

Which would match up with why I have a thing I have about Axel Garret, he was one of the first of when I started perusing the Internet in the early 90s for some bulge hotiness. Loved the way his hard cock showed in those Spandex shots I ran across. I think it was only after that I even thought to scope him out on video, but for whatever reason, he still gets me hard looking at these.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Joe, Big Bulge

I thought I had posted this before but I guess it was on the blog that got taken down, I still think it's hot. I for one always loved watching Bonanza reruns, mostly for the bulge factor always quite prominently displayed by the young and hot Michael Landon. Little Joe's bulge reason always to watch, but this one episode Five Into The Wind was particularly hot, mostly because he clearly has at least a semi hard-on in this scene! Don't bother with the full 10 minutes, the biggest and bestest and bulgiest part is between the 25 and 45 seconds. If it's too dark to see, lighten up your screen, it's worth a look-see...

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Post on Underwear Bulge Blog

Only a single post so far, but starting up a new blog for guys into guys in underwear. Some nice hard-on undie bulges to start things off. Click here to check it out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hard and Thick and Fab Fabiano

For being the most popular sport in the world, soccer on this side of the pond for whatever reason just never quite takes off. Shame we miss out on so much, like Fabiano Borges here, with his nice thick slab of man meat at full attention and on full display for Brazil's G magazine. Bet he looks fine in full soccer kit, too, probably a nice package in those shorts... yeah, I need to get to Googling. He's just plain hot!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bulging Bo's Big Boners

One of my most favorite shows from back in the day is The Dukes of Hazzard, one can only imagine why what with all those tight and bulging jeans, particularly Bo Duke's cock straining at the painted on britches of his! Sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, guess he never could make up his mind. I'm guessing that John "Bo" Schneider intentionally flaunted his package, always so obvious.

Nah, couldn't have cared less about the pseudo-plots of the series, but watched regularly (and these days in reruns, faithfully) to catch those busting out jeans. Countless examples, like these two screen shots below ... but my favorite of all is the video following these here, with Loretta Lynn visiting Hazzard. I swear to God Bo is getting a hard-on here, seems to grow bigger as Ms. Lynn disembarks; must have a thing for the coal miner's daughter!