Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Return of the Bulges

New beginnings, I suppose. All of my previous oh-so-hard work sharing my celebrity bulge finds, zapped just like it never existed (bulgewatching.blogspot.com, POOF, gone!) Crotchwatching all for naught.

What the fuck? At least I'm not alone ... seems that Google decided that they would randomly and without notice or even warning, wipe out thousands of blogger blogs in one fell swoop after finding some malware in a handful of their member blogs. No explanation, other than any tinkering with HTML third party stuff was suspect and presumed bad bad bad, unfairly since mine and most others were perfectly fine. Didn't even leave us blog owners access to our own content. Not cool, Google dudes.

Whatever, I rant. Anyway, like I said, though, new beginnings now. Just to get things up and running again, I'll pick things back up tomorrow. Cum again!


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