Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Big Brother (I Think)

I think this is from the Big Brother reality series, of the UK version, from a few seasons ago. I could be wrong, but I know it's from some reality thingy like that from across the pond. Hell, I'm so bored with our own version of that lame-ass show, I'm not even sure it's still around.

Whatever, no doubt the Brits came up with it first anyway and no doubt did it better, we're always riding on someone or another's coattails when it comes to programming, not so much original over here. Then we usually fuck it up, but that's just us in general, it's in our nature.

Hey, anyway ... don't recall seeing so much impressive cockage bulging out on our networks in our own sea to shining sea version of the program as this here! Nice big morning wood bulge, and the guy's cute, too. Plus, I have a thing for the English accent ... so a perfect package all around, so to speak.

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