Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big or Small, I Fancy Nadal

Yeah, I have a thing for a nice bulge, and not always necessarily of the huge variety. Not even so big, really. I'd more so rather see a somewhat modest bulge on a hottie I have a thing for (Rafael Nadal) than a ginormous strap-your-dick-to-your-leg protuberance on someone like, say, I don't know, some fat fuck (Ron Jeremy.)

So my imaginary boyfriend Rafael doesn't usually show much bulge action, but occasionally there might be a glimpse of what's packing under those silly looking longjohn shorts he wears on the tennis court. And yep, it works just fine for me such as it is. He's a fine fine young man, he is, any crotch shot proving whatever bulge is just a perk to the rest of his enjoyable self!

Of course, clicking the pics does make it bigger, nothing wrong with that either.

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