Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'd Do Duhamel

Photog Greg Gorman's book As I See It surprises me still, how that he got guys like Josh Duhamel, for example, to bear it all cock and balls hanging out there. Duhamel seems a bit arrogant to me, not really a fan, but yeah, his hottiness can't be argued. He is cute, it's just that he knows it. Cocky bastard. Speaking of which, from the book ...

Yeah, Josh Duhamel he's good-looking, has a killer bod and sure I'd like to get busy with that dick! Kind of makes my mouth water. I suppose I could tolerate a shitty personality to get me some of that. Plus he fills out a pair of trunks pretty well, too, nice bulge. Used to be a video floating around from some movie, showing him in pair of shorts, bulge full on display, diving into a pool, wet. Yum. Seems it's nowhere to be found, removed due to violation of whatever the hell. But yeah, there are still the stills! Not quite the same but it'll have to do.

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