Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Dick Paul Dawson's Shortbus Self-suck Scene

Speaking of movie cum, this one tops (so to speak) even the Caligula orgy scene from the other day. Why haven't I heard of this movie Shortbus? I think it sort of sounds familiar, but certainly I don't think I heard very much about it. For being at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, and apparently winning plenty of awards I'd have thought more of a fuss would have been made of it. Actually, the story line sounds like I would enjoy it anyway, but the total full-blown (heh) sex parts of it look hot! Also why haven't I heard of this actor Paul Dawson before, either, although I guess he hasn't been in so much to have seen him, a few TV gigs mostly from what I can tell. But damn, this is one hot scene, whacking off his big cock, cumming a load of jizz into his own mouth. Self-suck is always a turn-on, this one scene is especially hot! I shall have to put Shortbus on my short list of must-sees. Nothing short going on here, that's for sure... Paul Dawson looks sort of uncomfortable, though, bent over himself like that; I would gladly volunteer to take over, with a mouthful of that cock and a load of that cum, yeah.