Thursday, March 11, 2010

70s Music Video Bulge, Magic Man

A musical bulge diversion from back in the day. God, I love this video of Heart's "Magic Man" from the 1970s. It played quite a bit on VH1 Classic's Rock Fest awhile back, and I always either watched or listened until I heard it come on so I could see the major bulge in the guitar player's tight white pants! I know this video isn't best quality, but it's still worth watching whether you're a Heart fan, 70s rock fan, whatever, as long as you're a bulge fan it's very hot. Watch the guitar player to the right of the screen in the white pants, you can't miss his bulge and fortunately there are some close-ups during the solos! Keep an eye out on VH1 Classic when Rock Fest is on, too, you'll no doubt catch this at some point, in better quality. If it's still on; I don't get cable anymore so...

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