Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tony Ward, the Body and the Dick

I am not sure what Tony Ward might look like these days, and frankly I am afraid to even bother trying to find out. It has been a lot of years since he was so hot! You know, frankly he never did show much of a bulge, except for like the last picture here when he clearly had a bit of a hard-on, I'm pretty sure of it because his dick normally doesn't look so chubby in his nudes! So he doesn't have a huge monster cock, that's fine it suits him just fine as it is. And anyway, he was good enough for Madonna, he's gotta be doing something right! Big or small, though (and I'm not saying it's small, looks pretty good actually, just not ginormous) I'd get with him either way, Tony Ward is plain hot, his body, I want that! Or did, anyway. Like I said, haven't seen him recently, I think I'd prefer living in the past, to be safe.

Tony Ward nude movie here, the bathtub pic.

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